At this point again thank you for the small Evi (formerly Erin ) . We are very happy with it , everything goes to all our satisfaction.
The small Evi has become a pretty young lady who is very popular and already known throughout the city for all other dogs by their pleasant and somewhat cheeky article
She listens very well , can a short time to be alone , driving in the car - albeit reluctantly and makes everything just fine. Your first trips into the mountains with snow it is somehow related to Christmas and Carnival, she loves it very much. And we all love very Evi , the kids are just blown away and deal very intensively with her. Birds and butterflies they pursued with passion , but this is rather harmless. At dawn we keep it but like a leash , the game trail , she takes clearly true, and would also like to follow to say the least to him . But if you know this, you can very well handle it. For moments like these lines are then very useful.
You all the best and continued success with your work.
Wenzel Family Rhyme with Evi

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